Brief Overview About Our Services


  • Endeavor Recommended

By remotely or in person to advice or mentoring people, Zarantech’s Master architects always be ready to work with them.  Also, they are presented by paid retainer, by the day, via fixed-price contract, or via unlimited annual subscription.


  • Venture consulting

Along with the endeavor recommendation, we offer consulting services for our clients. Consulting projects comprise of business roadmaps, reference architectures, specific deliverables, gap analyses, readiness assessments and more. We provide advisory in consulting because it is essential element of consulting commitments. This counseling is accessible to people by the day or via fixed-price contract.


  • Traditional Training and Round Tables

The people who think that ZaranTech’s courses don’t moderately fit the bill, we create custom courses for them. As well, as we have the course for people from seminar-length Executive Round Tables to technically-focused profound dives for various technology audiences. Whoever is fascinated in speedy way training course, we offer a certificate of completion for those clients too.


  • Vendor consulting

If someone is a startup vendor who wants go-to-market or product development advice in the IT marketplace or a person maybe an established vendor who is looking to increase or partner in the IT marketplace we have the depth of expertise to help these people with their strategic goals. Additionally, Vendor consulting is offered by the hour or day, or via unlimited annual subscription.


  • Tactical Consulting Page

Incorporate image occurs very often when service suppliers as well as associations invest in IT and are unsuccessful to devise a logical IT approach. Consequently, these organizations end up with an IT proposal that is running over budget, over schedule and still below expectations in terms of understanding their business goals. In accordance with our duty to serve as a one-stop shop for the entire variety of IT services, Zaran Tech provides consulting services to help organizations expand a clearly defined IT strategy. Our strategy proficient can examine your business and offered methods and suggest advices on how to leverage IT to impact your bottom line, maximize ROI and appreciate your business goals. We will assist you identify what your association needs to get out of this initiative, how much they can suppose to expend and over what time period.


  • What will our strategy experts will do?
  1. They will inspect presented IT infrastructure
  2. They will gain a complete perceptive of organization’s business objectives and vision
  3. They will present suggestions on precise systems for automating specific tasks and functionality within an organization
  4. They will provide advices on a venture extensive IT plan for an organization

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